Patti Smith, glowing on her knees, San Diego, Nov 11, 1976


Patti Smith, glowing on her knees, San Diego, Nov 11, 1976


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Patti Smith changed my life when I first played Horses, November or December, 1975. I saw her in January, 1976. I saw her again, November, 1976, but this time with my camera. We were not allowed to bring cameras into the San Diego venue. I gave my photo bag to Patti’s brother, Todd. I then met him at the stage, and got my camera bag back.

I managed to take a few quick photos before I was escorted out, where either I had to put my camera into my car or they took it.

I then developed 42 rolls of film incorrectly. Hmm … nothing like teaching yourself on the fly! That is why some of my photos glow. And that’s the story behind this photo, and the one where she’s all the way on her back.

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